Today I will be distilling my experience with the OVH network infrastructure and bringing online Virtual Machines within the VMWare Hypervisor (ESXI).

OVH boasts quite an impressive array of tools and technologies which allows you almost complete control over your hardware, and IP address usage. However due to the complex nature of their network and the integrated network features like flood and DDOS protection there are some quirks with how to online your allocated IP addresses.

Your network configuration:

Before you can continue to configure the Network Bridging for your Virtual Machine you need a few details prior to commencing. They are as follows:

ESXI IP Address: <IP Address assigned to the ESXI server>

IP Address to assign: <IP Address available - DO NOT USE ESXI IP ADDRESS>

Network Gateway: <ESXI IP Address - Last octet replaced with .254>

Assigned MAC address: <Virtual MAC Address assigned to the IP Address to assign>


For example:

ESXI IP Address:

IP Address to assign:

Network Gateway: <- Last octet of the ESXI replaced with .254

Assigned MAC address: AB:CD:EF:AB:CD:EF


This configuration tells your Virtual Machine to use the gateway of the ESXI server, and in conjunction with the Virtual Mac Address allows two way communication through the OVH Cisco Switches.

The above configuration example serves as a good baseline for configuring your individual host environments, but there are some quirks which occur within specific operating systems.

I will workshop some of these quirks in subsequent articles to come.