Many years ago I happened to purchase one of these Motorola Xooms from a Vodafone outlet with the prospect of using it to learn Android development. Of course the Android store was becoming full of great applications, and my Hello World alternatives were not going to cut the mustard when it came to competitive use. So eventually this tablet went into a box, moved house a few times, and has now reappeared on my desk whilst I am in the midst of studying Hacking Countermeasures.

What follows can only be described as 'To be expected'.


I am rapidly becoming a fan of the Kali Linux operating system (or the derivitive of Debian that it is based off) so my eventual aim is to re-flash this Motorola Xoom I have been stashing away into a functional Kali Operating system through which I can drive the GUI. As it turns out one of my upcoming Lab Activities involves analysing Wireless network traffic in a public area, whilst the study guide advises the use of a laptop I would like to take this opportunity to rewrite the Xoom to be my Kali Tablet for this activity.

But to get there, I need to unlock and root the device so I can load a new ROM into it. Baby steps first.

First up, we need to unlock the bootloader. Fortunately this is a relatively easy process.

  1. Download a copy of the Android Platform Tools (Windows Link), and extract it into a directory you can use from the Command Prompt. For me this was the C:\Android directory.
  2. Make sure the Xoom is turned off before proceeding.
  3. Hold the Power and Volume Down button until you see the Starting Fastboot Protocol message on your Xoom.
  4. Connect the Xoom to your USB cable (preferably your cable should be connected to your system too).
  5. Head back to the Command Prompt and run 'fastboot oem unlock' from the C:\Android directory.
  6. Your Xoom should come up with a screen of warnings referring to 'Unlocking' the Xoom. Use the Volume Down button to change your choice, Volume Up to confirm the option.
  7. You will be asked again, if you wish to continue. The same as before, Volume Down to change the choice, Volume Up to accept the choice.
  8. From there the device should begin the unlock operation.

Congratulations, you have now unlocked your Motorola Xoom. You may now proceed to rooting it.