Saturday, May 19, 2018
Windows PowerShell is an immensely powerful tool and can be used for both good and evil, however we are going to focus on an Information Assurance application of PowerShell to verify a downloaded file from the Internet. Why would we do this? So we can be sure that the file has maintained it's integrity from the source to your computer system. This allows us to check if the file has been tampered with along the way, or malicious replaced at the trusted vendor.
Monday, March 12, 2018
Ransomware is not a new concept and has been previously filed under the category of annoyances. But in recent years with the advent of the Dark Web (Onion Routing protocols) and Blockchain powered decentralised currencies, they are becoming extremely potent and detrimental to business operations. To better understand how ransomware is built and targeted it is important to understand how malware is created, marketed, and operated. This understanding will hopefully allow the intended targets (or would be victims) to understand their place in the malware / ransomware threat eco-system.
Monday, December 04, 2017
Many years ago I happened to purchase one of these Motorola Xooms from a Vodafone outlet with the prospect of using it to learn Android development. Of course the Android store was becoming full of great applications, and my Hello World alternatives were not going to cut the mustard when it came to competitive use. So eventually this tablet went into a box, moved house a few times, and has now reappeared on my desk whilst I am in the midst of studying Hacking Countermeasures. What follows can only be described as 'To be expected'.